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Pride Of America

Pride of America arrives in Honolulu Hawaii
Pride Of America arrives in Honolulu Harbor for the first time. - July 22, 2005
1600 passengers arrived from San Francisco after a 10 day cruise on NCL's newest American flagged ship.
After an extensive delay in construction due to storm damage the Pride Of America enters service in Hawaii.


Norwegian Cruise Lines Pride of America
Pride Of America - Length: 927 Feet, Beam: 106 Feet, Passengers: 2,138, Elevators: 10 Decks: 13

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Pride Of Aloha

Pride of Aloha - NCL
Pride Of Aloha's first arrival in Honolulu Harbor - July 2, 2004
After crossing the Pacific from San Francisco the Pride Of Aloha arrives for the first time at pier 10.
Despite a tug boat strike on the Island the Pride was able to negotiate it's way.


pride of aloha cruise ship
Artist Conception of the Pride of Aloha Cruise Ship - Tuesday January 20, 2004
Schedules have been changed and this ship will begin service in the Hawaiian Islands in July
replacing the delayed Pride of America.

NCL pride of aloha
Artist Conception of the Pride of Aloha, previously known as the Norwegian Sky - Tuesday January 20, 2004
This ship has been placed in hawaii early to handle the cruises originally scheduled for the
Pride of America which sank while docked in Germany.

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Norwegian Star

Norwegian Star Cruise Ship
Norwegian Star enters Honolulu Harbor - Sunday June 8, 2003
The Norwegian Star arrives each Sunday and departs again that evening at 8pm for it's Hawaii Cruises.
As of this photo the Star was making weekly round trips from Honolulu cruising the Hawaiian Islands.

Norwegian Start
The Coast Guard escorts the Star as she enters Honolulu Harbor early Sunday morning.

Star Cruise Ship
Norwegian Star - Length: 965 Feet, Beam: 105 Feet, Passengers: 2,240, Elevators: 12, Decks: 15

Norwegian Star Reviews & Comments

I've had friends and family aboard the Star and I have also spoken to passengers during their cruises as they have taken shore excursions. In general people are satisfied with the ship. But they all seem to voice similar concerns/dislikes. NOTE: I have not personally been on this ship.

First comments are almost always about the added fees. They hate being nickeled and dimed to death. They would much rather not have to worry about the mounting costs and enjoy their cruise. Norwegian seems to charge for every little thing while your onboard. And in many cases the passengers were not aware that this would be the case when they booked their trip. If you decide to go to a nicer dining room your charged extra, have a soda and your charged. I got mixed feelings of aloha from folks, some were upset by the amount of the charge and others by the fact that they charged them at all. Ships often boast their crew to passenger ratios as a measure of service, but if every interaction with a staff member costs you money the ratio isn't really an idicator of the service level of a ship.

Second is the food, not the quality which they all say is very good, but with the restuarants and the "Freestyle Cruising" concept. They seem to be unhappy with the additional fees that must be paid to visit the different restaurants. And after paying the fee, they discover that the quaility and level of service is the same as in the free dining room. I also had an interesting comment from one passenger that they felt that they were missing something by not being in the main dining room. Missing the traditional dinner celebrations/events that occure on a cruise ship.

Third was the trip to Fanning Island, an island several hundred miles south of Hawaii. Due to US maritime laws a foriegn flagged ship cannot complete it's cruise without touching foriegn soil. Fanning Island is part of the Kiribati Republic and satisfies that requirement. But you will spend alot of time traveling to this beautiful little island. Some enjoyed the time at sea, others thought it was a waste of time and would have rather seen another island. This problem has been solved by Fourth was the size of the ship. This goes hand in hand with the age of the passenger. The older the cruiser the more likely they were to say that they skipped onboard events due to the fact that they had to walk to the other end of the ship to attend. The Star suffers from the same problem many of the new monster sized ships do, it is just to big for a senior, disabled, or other person with limited mobility to get around. The younger passengers never really commented on this except occasional in that it could take a long time to get from one place to the other.

Fifth is a more unique/class issue. People who paid for the more deluxe cabins were unhappy with the attitude and actions of many of the other cruisers. People tend to drawn to others that are like themselves, and upscale passengers found it hard to enjoy the cruise because the majority of the other passengers had interests different than theirs. One such passenger found seeing the large number of obese passengers constantly eating very disturbing. Another found that quiet public areas were often interupted by loud obnoxious individuals or groups.

In general folks enjoyed the ship and their cruise. But others have had problems with Norwegian

Aloha Bruce Murray, Editor

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Norwegian Wind

Norwegian Wind Cruise Ship
Norwegian Wind Honolulu Harbor Pier 10 - April 14, 2003
The Norwegian Wind at the Honolulu Hawaii Cruise Terminal, Pier 10, and Aloha Tower and the Aloha Market
Place in the forground. During the 2002/2003 season she arrived 2-3 times each month. As of this photo
the Wind was making weekly round trips from the mainland and Honolulu cruising the Hawaiian Islands.
This was one of the Winds last stops in Honolulu for the Winter 2003 season before repositioning
to Alaska for the Summer.

Norwegian Wind
Norwegian Wind - Length: 754 Feet, Beam: 94 Feet, Passengers: 1,748, Elevators: 7, Decks: 10

Norwegian Wind Cruise Ship
The Wind sits at the Honolulu Cruise Terminal with downtown and the island of Oahu behind it.

Aloha Tower

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